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Welcome to Faculty of Arts | University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 10


Title of Article: Forced and Voluntry Unions Between Biafran Women and Nigerian Soldiers
Author(s): Sydney Emezue


Title of Article: The Igbo-Yoruba Relations and the Problems of National Integration in Nigeria
Author(s): Uchenna Anyanwu


Title of Article: Women Literature and Empowerment
Author(s): C.U. Ogbuehi


Title of Article: The Igbo State Union and the Evolution of Igbo Ethnic Identity in Nigeria, 1936-1966
Author(s): Ejitu Nnechi Ota


Title of Article: Building Bridges in History Through International and Comparative Studies: Nigeria and the United States of America
Author(s): O.N. Njoku


Title of Article: African Philosophy: Conceptions and Problems
Author(s): Egbeke Aja


Title of Article: African Traditional Religion and Culture as a Tool for National Reconciliation and Integration in Nigeria
Author(s): C.C. Agbodike


Title of Article: Nigeria at the end of the Nineteenth Century: A Survey
Author(s): J. Okoro Ijoma


Title of Article: Communicative Strategies of a Nigerian Baby: A Case Study
Author(s): Benson O. Oluikpe and Esther N. Oluikpe


Title of Article: The Fourth Estate and Legislative Setup in Nigeria Since Independence
Author(s): P.O.J. Umechukwu


Title of Article: The Ominous in Contemporary Igbo Literature
Author(s): Inno Uzoma Nwadike


Title of Article: The Necessity for Anthropological Forum on Environmental Impact Assessment
Author(s): Pat. Uche Okpoko


Title of Article: Abolition and Slave-freeborn Relationship in Nkanu
Author(s): Paul Obi-Ani


Title of Article: Pidgin in Nigeria: Status and Features
Author(s): Sam Onuigbo


Title of Article: Religious Differentials in Trends in Age-at-first Marriage in Enugu State, Nigeria
Author(s): Joseph Chukwudi Okeibunor


Title of Article: Modification of Some Consonantal Segments in Umuchu Dialect of Igbo: A Phonemice Evaluation
Author(s): Reseline Ijeoma Okorji


Title of Article: Literary Translation: The Artistry, Creativity and Demands in the Translation of Poetry, Prose and Drama Texts
Author(s): J. Ka-anayo Okeke


Title of Article: Direct Photo-mechanical Printmaking: Processes and Application
Author(s): Salvator M. Onyeanu


Title of Article: Ohafia: A Heroic Igbo Society (by O.N. Njoku)
Author(s): A.E. Afigbo


Title of Article: Waiting for Destiny (by Anelechi B. Chukuezi)
Author(s): Cordelia U. Ogbuehi




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