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Welcome to Faculty of Arts | University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 12


Title of Article: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development in Africa
Author(s): A.I. Okpoko and E.U. Ezeadichie


Title of Article: Indigenous Science and Technology in Pre-colonial Nigeria: The Examples of Medicare and Iron Working.
Author(s): O.N. Njoku


Title of Article: Youth Education and Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria
Author(s): Jonah Onuoha


Title of Article: The National Question in Post-Colonial Nigeria
Author(s): Paul Obi-Ani


Title of Article: The Struggle for Survival: The Igbo People in Post-Civil War Politics of Nigeria
Author(s): R.I. Ohikhohai and M.A. Orieso


Title of Article: International and Intercultural Mass Communication: Issues and Implications for Development of Least Developed Countries (UCS)
Author(s): Nnanyelugo Okoro


Title of Article: Women in the History of Pre-Colonial Nigeria: The Example of Women in Edo State
Author(s): S.A. Shokpeka


Title of Article: Perspectives in Newspaper Readership: Towards Revitalizing the Newspaper Industry in the Southeast Nigeria.
Author(s): P.C. Agba


Title of Article: Objectivity on Trial: The Buhari/Tinubu Scandals and the Nigerian Press
Author(s): S.O. Idemili and F.N. Asogwa


Title of Article: The Evolution and Development of the Modern Nigerian Theater: From Colonialism to Independence
Author(s): Norbert Oyibo Eze


Title of Article: Aspects of Igala Influence on the Oshimili People of Western Igboland in Pre-colonial Times
Author(s): Odigwe A. Nwaokocha and A.D. Nzemeke


Title of Article: Rating of Slaves in the West Niger Igbo Area in the 19th Century
Author(s): Egodi Uchendu


Title of Article: The Effective Use of Aesthetic Elements in Television
Author(s): Church S. Akpan


Title of Article: Agricultural Modernization and the Problematic of Appropriate Technology: A Historical Survey of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) in Cameroon Since 1970
Author(s): Canute A. Ngwa


Title of Article: The Changing Pattern of Nigerian Consumer Behaviour
Author(s): I.I. Iwuh


Title of Article: The Role of Indigenous Priests in the Evangelization of Northern Igboland: A Case Study of Isaac Uzowulu Ejindu
Author(s): Francis Anyika


Title of Article: Cultural History: A Re-definition and Re-classification
Author(s): Hakeem B. Harunah


Title of Article: Introducing Archaeology into Post-primary Institutional Curriculum in Nigeria
Author(s): E.I. Itanyi


Title of Article: The Underdevelopment of Industrial Relations in Nigeria: A Study of Relations Between Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), 1992-1998
Author(s): O. Uchendu




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