Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 13


Title of Article: Towards Africa Without Borders: Socrates, Dike and Black Africa Whoring Elites
Author(s): Adiele E. Afigbo


Title of Article: Linguistic Labours of the Christian Missionaries on the Niger: Implications for Igbo Studies
Author(s): Chris U. Agbedo


Title of Article: Benin Kingdom and the Crisis of Adaptation in the 19th Century
Author(s): J.O. Ahazuem


Title of Article: The Role of Ethno-Musicology and Ethno-Linguistics in Modern African Communication System
Author(s): Church S. Akpan


Title of Article: Semantics and Literary Studies
Author(s): A.N. Akwanya


Title of Article: The Underlying Pedagogic Problems of the English Language in Nigeria: A Diachronic View
Author(s): B.N. Anasiudu


Title of Article: The Role of the Theatre in Nigerian Democracy: The National Question
Author(s): Dom Asomba


Title of Article: Written Composition in Nigeria: A Survey
Author(s): Christian Onyeji


Title of Article: Community Banking and Grassroots Development in Nigeria: Origin, Growth and Economic Impact
Author(s): Dan O. Chukwu


Title of Article: Gendering of the Cityscape: Toward Effective Social and Moral Control in Eastward HO and the Roaring Girl
Author(s): Hannah N.E. Chukwu


Title of Article: The Role of Art, Science and Technology in African Masquerade Performance
Author(s): Felix Egwuda-Ugbeda


Title of Article: Theories Litteraire et Sociocritique
Author(s): Matthew O. Iwuchukwu


Title of Article: Satire in Njange Wan: Birth Songs of the Oku Women of Cameroon
Author(s): F.M. Mbunda


Title of Article: Nigerian Home Video and the Language Question
Author(s): C.L. Ngonebu


Title of Article: The Challenge to Change: The Nigerian Coastal States in the Era of Legitimate Commerce
Author(s): O.N. Njoku


Title of Article: Uyo Residents Perception of Political Cartoons in Nigerian Newspapers
Author(s): Nkereuwem Udoaka


Title of Article: National Language Policy Implementation and National Development
Author(s): Joseph C. Ogbodo


Title of Article: The Third World Economic Predicament and the Quest for New International Economic Order
Author(s): Solomon O. Ogbu


Title of Article: The Symbiosis of Language and Literature in Indigenous Language Study
Author(s): N.A. Okediadi


Title of Article: Advocacy Strategies for Promoting Community Participation in Disease Control in Nigeria
Author(s): J.C. Okeibunor, Nnanyelugo Okoro and Chioma C. Nwaorgu


Title of Article: The Christian Missions and the Training for Political Leadership in Eastern Nigeria
Author(s): N.I. Omenka




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