Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 15


Title of Article: A Discourse on the Historiography of War and Its Impact
Author(s): Francis N. Fayam


Title of Article: The Nigerian Traditional Judiciary and the Colonial Stress: The Case of the Etsako Clans, 1919-1960
Author(s): Edward O. Erhagbe


Title of Article: Christian Enterprise and Igbo Response: A Case Study of Northeastern and Southwestern Igboland, 1906-1960
Author(s): Uchenna Anyanwu


Title of Article: Advertising as a Business and a Profession: The Meeting Point of Profitability and Social Responsility to the Consumer
Author(s): Nnanyelugo Okoro


Title of Article: La Methodologie De L Enseignement du Francais Au Nigeria: Reflexions Sur Les Methodes Appliquees A L U.N.N. 1975-2005
Author(s): Nkiruka E. Okezie


Title of Article: Critique De La Traduction Francaise De Girls at War Dans La Nouvelle Girls at war and other Stories De Chinua Achebe Par Jean Grandsaigne
Author(s): Awa Samuel


Title of Article: Multilinguisme Et L education: Point Devue Culturelle
Author(s): Okolie M.U.


Title of Article: Stoicism, Machiavellianism and the Moral Gleam of Senecan Tragedy
Author(s): Norbert Oyibo Eze


Title of Article: Media and the Power Structure in Nigeria (1960-2005)
Author(s): Church S. Akpan


Title of Article: Digital Public Relations: A New Strategy in Corporate Management
Author(s): Ezeah G. Herbert


Title of Article: Influences of Media Ownership Patterns on Media Freedom and Professionalism in Nigeria
Author(s): Michael O. Ukonu


Title of Article: The Function and Structure of Communication in Entrepreneurialship
Author(s): Stella A. Aririguzoh


Title of Article: An Appraisal of Grassroots Sensitization by NOA Through Traditional and Modern Media in Southeast Nigeria
Author(s): Barigbon G. Nsereka


Title of Article: Tourism Development in Nigeria, 1962-2002: An Appraisal
Author(s): Ogechi I. Anyanwu


Title of Article: Organisation of Media Firms in Nigeria: Options and Implications
Author(s): Peter N. Nwokolo


Title of Article: Misery in the Land of Plenty: A Study of Richard Wright - The Black Boy
Author(s): Florence O. Orabueze


Title of Article: Blueprint for True Federalism in Nigeria
Author(s): Obiora Anichebe


Title of Article: Communication Strageties and Voters Behaviour During Political Campaigns in Nigeria
Author(s): Church S. Akpan and Lucky O. Edewor


Title of Article: Mass Media and the Challenges of Shelter and Environment for Nigeria in the Coming Decades
Author(s): Udeajah Reymond A.


Title of Article: Integration Theory and The Traditional Media System in Igboland
Author(s): Nnadi Ani




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