Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 18


Title of Article: The Contribution of Susana Wenger to the Management and Convervation of Osun-Oshogbo Sacred Grove/Shrine
Author(s): Jacinta U. Ojiakor and Emeka E. Okonkwo


Title of Article: A Critical Exposition of Quine Arguments on the Analytic Synthetic Distinction
Author(s): Richard Taye Oyelakin


Title of Article: Objectivity Controversy in News Reporting: Any Viable Alternative?
Author(s): Anthony Chinedu Ekwueme


Title of Article: Government Censorship of Broadcast Programmes and the Citizen Right to Know
Author(s): Paulinus Noah and Cornelius Udo Ellah


Title of Article: Cohesive Devices in Select Nigerian Legal Discourse
Author(s): Amaka C. Ezeife


Title of Article: Archaeological Survey of the Overhangs in Nsukka Area South Easthern Nigeria: A Preliminary Report
Author(s): Chidozie Sebastine Agu


Title of Article: Archaeology and Nation Building: The Role of the Universities
Author(s): Anselm Maduabuchi Ibeanu


Title of Article: Fidelite au mot, pierre d achoppement en traduction litteraire le cas de la traduction de Things Fall Apart de Chinua Achebe en francais
Author(s): Cyril Anyabuike


Title of Article: An Analysis of the Practice of Total Quality Management Principles in Radio Nigeria, Enugu
Author(s): Ndubisi Chika Nnaji


Title of Article: A Critique of Methods and Approaches Used in French Language Teaching in Nigeria Colleges/Universities
Author(s): Emmanuel O. Okom and Samuel M. Gogural


Title of Article: La pedagogie de la traduction: experience de l Universite du igeria, Nsukka
Author(s): Nkiruka E. Okezie


Title of Article: Signification and the Segmentation of Words in English
Author(s): Angela Igbeyi


Title of Article: Les problems materiels et spirituels comme sources du mal du pays chez l Africain en Europe
Author(s): Ambrose O. Umeh


Title of Article: Lexical Semantics of Verbs of Excertion in the Imiryike Variety of Igbo
Author(s): Ifeoma M. Nweze


Title of Article: Apercu de la politique dans trois romans de Mongo Beti
Author(s): Festus Chukwuka Njosi


Title of Article: Apercu de la politique dans trois romans de Mongo Beti
Author(s): Festus Chukwuka Njosi


Title of Article: The Wound in the Eye: A Sexist Analysis of Alice Walker Works
Author(s): Stella Okoye-Ugwu


Title of Article: Otherness of Literature: A Comparative Study of Harold Pinter the Dumbwaiter and Samuel Backett Waiting for Godot
Author(s): Chibuzo Martin Onunkwo


Title of Article: 2002-2005 Archaeological Investigations in Okigwe Area: A Preliminary Report
Author(s): E.I. Itanyi and Emeka E. Okonkwo


Title of Article: The Press and the Contempt of Court
Author(s): Peter N. Nwokolo


Title of Article: Le carnavalesque dans L Etat honteux de Sony Labou Tansi
Author(s): Chinwe C. Okolo


Title of Article: The Role of National Parks in Tourism Development: A Case Study of Cross River National Park
Author(s): Joy Nneka Uchenye Ajalla


Title of Article: Proverbs in Context" A Study of John Munonye The Only Son
Author(s): Alexandra Uzoaku Esimaje




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