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Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 8


Title of Article: Establishing a New African Information Order: An Imperative for Establishing a New World Information Order
Author(s): Paul C. Agba


Title of Article: A Critique of the Laws Affecting Journalism Practice in Nigeria
Author(s): Rev. Fr. Panta and O.J. Umechukwu


Title of Article: An Analysis of the Position Concept in Nigerian Advertising, Using Display Advertisements in the Guardian and the Daily Times Newspapers
Author(s): Sam O. Idemili and Nnanyelugo Okoro


Title of Article: Igbo Enwe Eze: True or False? (A Literary Perception)
Author(s): Chibiko N. Okebalama


Title of Article: The Quinquagram of Igbo Traditional Religious Cultural Values: An Essay in Interpretation
Author(s): Rev. Fr. A. Ekwunife


Title of Article: A Cognitive View of Semantic Relation in Igbo Syntax
Author(s): Mataebere Iwundu


Title of Article: Values and Representations in Emeka Nwabueze Guardian of the Cosmos: A Study in Evocative Social Ethos
Author(s): Chinyere L. Ngonebu


Title of Article: Development: Thought and Might
Author(s): Chukwuemeka Nze


Title of Article: Morality and Nationhood in the Fiction of Grace Ogot
Author(s): Ify Achufusi


Title of Article: Mozambique, Namibia and Cameroon to Join the Commonwealth of Nations: Legal and Economic Implications
Author(s): M.A.B Mutiti


Title of Article: Accidents in the Nigerian Coal Industry 1951-83
Author(s): J.O. Ahazuem


Title of Article: Uses of Bloomery Slags
Author(s): Edwin E. Okafor


Title of Article: Academics in Government: Dividend or Losses in Manpower Utilization in Nigeria
Author(s): E.E. Uwakwe


Title of Article: Societal Malaise in Nigeria: Community Suggestions for Improvement
Author(s): B.N. Iffih




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