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Welcome to Faculty of Arts | University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Number 9


Title of Article: Deconstructing Conventional Gender Stereotypes: The Radical Perception of Buchi Emecheta
Author(s): Cordelia U. Ogbuehi


Title of Article: The Press and Nigerian Nationalism: Progress and Problems
Author(s): Nnanyelugo Okoro


Title of Article: The Importance of the Arts to the Emergence of a more Acceptable New World Order
Author(s): P.C. Agba


Title of Article: The Early Nigerian Independence Press: A Study in Press Radicalism 1960-1965
Author(s): Sam O. Idemili


Title of Article: Igbo Easy Receptivity to Change: Factory or Fallacy?
Author(s): Uchenna Anyanwu


Title of Article: Environmental Impacts of Technology Intrusion in Nigeria
Author(s): Pat. Uche Okpoko


Title of Article: The National Language Question in Nigeria Revisited
Author(s): Chris Uchenna Agbedo


Title of Article: Is Crying the Language of Nigerian Babies?
Author(s): Benson O. Oluikpe and Esther N. Oluikpe


Title of Article: Ndu Bu Isi: A Folkloristic Reflection of Life Orientation in Igbo Worldview
Author(s): Chibiko N. Okebalama


Title of Article: Igbo Contemporary Drama: Early Beginning, Bibliography and Classification
Author(s): Inno Uzoma Nwadike


Title of Article: Iron Working Refractories
Author(s): Edwin E. Okafor


Title of Article: Lexico-Grammatical Explanatory Data in Russian Language for Foreign Students
Author(s): T.A.C. Oguakwa


Title of Article: La Reprobation et le Jugement pour le Salut: Comprendre les Negres de Jean Genet
Author(s): A.C. Ezike


Title of Article: Aspects of Tonology in Umuchu Dialect: A SyntacticAppraisal
Author(s): Roseline Ijeoma Okorji


Title of Article: A Comprehensive Study of Borrowing and Indigenisation of Foreign Words in Igbo and German
Author(s): F.N. Ibemesi


Title of Article: A Note on the Derivation of the Igbo Compound Nominal - Mmadu
Author(s): M.C. Onukawa


Title of Article: Occupational Stigmatization: Implications for the Development of African Traditional Art and Culture
Author(s): Vincent Egwu Alli


Title of Article: WAI ans National Consciousness: A Critique
Author(s): Veronica I. Okeke




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