Nsukka Journal of the Humanities, Vol. 1 No.1


Title of Article: test
Author(s): test


Title of Article: Sources and Diffusion of Information about Cgange of Leadership in Nigeria
Author(s): Amobi Chukwumwrije


Title of Article: Traditions, The Pursuit of the Intellectual life and Nigeria's Future
Author(s): A.O. Anya


Title of Article: Interview with Michael J.C. Echeruo
Author(s): Chukwuma Azuonye


Title of Article: Book Review: Critical Perspectives on Christopher Okigbo
Author(s): Esiaba Irobi


Title of Article: Experience Abroad: African Travellers Discover the Western World
Author(s): Eva Kammler


Title of Article: Igbo Catholicism:The Onitsha Connection, 1967-1984
Author(s): J. Okoro Ijoma


Title of Article: Un Chant Ecariate de Mariama Ba Dakar
Author(s): Muriel Ijere


Title of Article: Music Makers of West Africa
Author(s): Nissio Fiagbedzi


Title of Article: A Lexicon of Igbo Uli Motifs
Author(s): E. A. Willis


Title of Article: De L ethnologie a la Litterature Enfantine, A La Decouverte Des Pygmees
Author(s): F. Ugochukwu


Title of Article: Leadership and the Crisis of Development: The Significance of Roumain Gouverneurs de la Rosee
Author(s): I.T.K. Egonu


Title of Article: Learned Comicality: The Image of the Teacher in Nigerian Literature
Author(s): Nnadozie Inyama


Title of Article: Soyinka Borther Jero As Narrator, Character and Showman
Author(s): O.O. Enekwe


Title of Article: Ethnoarchaeology of Mortuary Customs in Parts of Igboland, Eastern Nigeria
Author(s): A.I. Okpoko


Title of Article: Emotive Function of Nigerian English Slang
Author(s): B. Oluikpe & E.A. Ogbonna




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