Proposed themes and sub-themes for the conference
• Climate change adaptation from the Arts
• Gender and leadership in restructured Africa.
• Contemporary issues in language and literary studies.
• New trends in theatre and film studies in Africa.
• The role of communication (social media) in re-structuring Africa.
• Contemporary visual African arts and its cultural undertones.
• Emerging relationship between Archaeology and tourism in the Third Millennium.
• New trends in African music.
• Feminism versus womanism in the Third Millennium.
• Reconciling theory and practice in the Humanities.
• Business German and the reform of German studies in Third Millennium.
• The relevance of music studies to the appreciation of music in Africa.
• Language as tool for the evolution and materialization of technology.
• Evolution and new horizons in gender studies from humanistic point of view.
• The value of language in the development, sustenance and transfer of science and technology. 
The last week of January which is also the first week of February 2012 is proposed for the conference proper. Participants would be expected to arrive Nsukka the weekend and the actual conference would start on Monday and end on Friday of the same week, 30th January 2012 to 3rd February 2012.

The Events are Proposed thus:
·  Sunday 29th January 2012»Arrivals

  • Day One, Monday 30th January 2012»
    Lead Paper to be presented by Professor T.U Nwala(This presentation would be heralded by a well-researched citation on Prof. Chinua Achebe).
  • Special Guest of Honour, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
    State Governors of the University Catchment Area.
    Hon. Akachukwu Nwankpo(Special Adviser to the President on Technical Matters and Government Liaison for the Conference)
  • His Excellency Fmr. Dep. Gov. Ogun State and present Senator. Gbenga Kaka(CITATION).
  • Engr. Ichie. Boni Madubunyi(Mabon Geo-Sciences London and New York).
  • His Excellency Ambassador Prof. Dew. Tuan Mayson(France) – Presidential Candidate in the 2011 Liberian Presidential Elections.(CITATION).
  • Evan. Sam Maduka Onyishi. M.D Peace Group Limited.
  • His Excellency Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo. First Gov. Enugu State and Fmr. National PDP Chairman.
  • Anyim Pius Anyim. Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Prof. Wole Soyinka. Nobel Peace Laureat for Literature.
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Muller-Jacquier. Interkulturelle Germanistik Universitat Bayreuth.
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Kistler. Interkulturelle Germanistik (Deutch as fremdsprache) Universitat Bayreuth.
  • Prof. Dr. Dymitr Ibriszimow. Lehrstuhl Afrikanistik II, Universitat Bayreuth.
  • Dr. Gerd Ulrich Bauer. Fachgebiet Interkulturelle Germanistik Universitat Bayreuth.
  • Prof. Dr.Dr.Dr. h.c Ernest W.B Hess-Luettich
    (Gesellschaft Fuer Interkulturelle Germanistik, Switzerland)
  • Day Two, Tuesday, 31st January 2012»
    Senator Gbenga Kaka-Nigeria and the Issue of Unemployment.
    Prof. Benson Oluikpe-Economic Empowerment of Rural Population in Nigeria in a Depressed Global Economy.
  • Day Three, Wednesday, 1st February 2012»
    Award and Distinction Day.
    Lead Papers-Ambassador. Prof. Dew Mayson.
    Prof. I.T.K. Egeonu-Foreign and Indigenous Languages Development in Africa.
    Prof. Aduke Adebayo(University of Ibadan, Nigeria).
    Keynote Address by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.... (the famous writer) /Mrs. Okonjo Iweala(Minister of Finance).
  • Day Four, Thursday, 2nd February 2012»
    Prof. Charles Okigbo-Uwa ndi Igbo Transformational Leadership Contexts.
    Ambassadors (French/German/Russia/Ukraine).
  • Day Five: Friday, 3rd February 2012»
    Paper to be presented by Ambassador Professor Dew Mayson (A Presidential candidate in the 2012 Liberian election). (This presentation would be heralded by a well-researched citation on the professor).
    »Closing Ceremonies

    Saturday, 4th February 2012»
    Novelty Football Match: FASA Versus Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu.

    Sunday, 5th February 2012»
    Thanksgiving Mass at St. Peter's Chaplaincy

Sight-Seeing/Excursions/Research Centres
      •  University of Nigeria Physics Observatory.
      •  University of Nigeria Archaelogy Research Centre.
      •  Opi Lake.
      •  Edemani and Opi Scenery.
      •  Adada River Picnic Site.
      •  St Johns Seminary and Spiritan School of Philosophy, Isienu, Nsukka.
      •  Nnamdi Azikiwe’s Nsukka Residential Monument
      •  Nigerian Civil War Relics PAA and Ziks Flat Sites.
      •  Government House and Okpara Square Enugu
      •  Ogbunike Cave near Onitsha./ Onitsha Main Market/Niger Bridge
      •  Nigerian Civil War Museum and Ojukwu -Bunker Umuahia.
      •  Oguta Lake and Civil War Relics Oguta 1.
      •  Shell/NNPC  Oil Wells Izombe and Egbema in Imo State.
      •  Assumpata Cathedral Owerri.
      •  University of Nigeria Catholic and Church of Christ Chaplaincies.
      •  Opi/Lejja Bloomery Iron Working Site. The Earliest Iron Working Site in the World.
      •  Okigwe, Ugwuele. Earliest and Largest Acheulian Stone Tool Lead Production in the World.

Conference Fee»

 Non-Nigerians-160 US dollars
 Nigerians-10,000 Naira
Vetting/ Assessment of Paper Presentations-2,000 Naira
Institutions and corporate organizations, NGOs, Embassies-50,000 Naira
Benefits: Snacks and Drinks
              Conference Souvenirs
              Faculty Journal

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Link to the Conference Team

Chief Celebrant
Prof. Chinua Achebe

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Nwando Achebe
Topic: Female King of Colonial Nigeria

Prof. Chukwuma Azuonye
Michigan State University

Guest Lecturer
Prof. T.U Nwala
Topic: Igbo leadership Crises and Vacuum as a mirror of the Nigerian nay African Leadership Crises and the Panacea

Princess Alexandra Auditorium,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

10am Nigeria time.

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C.E.C  Hotel, UNN

Ikenga  Hotel  Nsukka

Ekene Diri  Chukwu  Guest  House, UNN:
5,500-7,500 Naira

Milipat  Hotel:     
Continental….4,000-5,000 Naira(deposit)
Deluxe……3,000-4,000 Naira(deposit)
Executive Suites…6,000-8,000 Naira(deposit)
Standard…2,500-3,500 Naira(deposit)

Hotel  Carolina:  
Self-contained room with A.C..3,000 Naira

UNGEL  Guest  House,Nsukka:
Executive….10,500-12,000       Naira(deposit)
Deluxe………..5,950-6,950 Naira(deposit)
Royal……………6,450-7,450 Naira(deposit)
Ekene……………7,000-8,500 Naira(deposit)
Mbanefo………6,000-7,0000 Naira(deposit)
Supreme………7,550-9,050 Naira(deposit)
Suite………………13,000-14,000 Naira(deposit)
Ambassadorial….6,000-38,000 Naira(deposit)
Hiltop Hotel:         
1,500- 2, 500 Naira

Conis Hotel:         
2,500-4,000 Naira

El-Rina Hotel:       
2,500-4,500 Naira

For  more details  contact L.O.C .Sub-committee for  logistics and Planning and/or

Dr. Dr. Ikechukwu.A.Orjinta.C.S.Sp.

Conference Email: info@unnartsconference.com.